Casement door - 55 Series

Advantages of the casement door system: The door is opened with the largest aperture, with sound insulation, heat insulation and tightness, even close to the threshold to create the absolute floor for the floor. Xingfa aluminum casement door system is designed to be flexible, can open inward or outward rotation, can open 2 sashes or 4 sashes as required. Xingfa Aluminum Door is durable, no warping, aging, door surface 4 sashes are covered with easy cleaning


Product's name: Xingfa Aluminium Profile - 55 Series


  • Door system: Casement window & door and Top-hung window


  • Color: White, brown, grey and black (can order special colors)


  • Origin: Imported


  • DistributorAseanwindow


  • Manufacturer: Guang Dong Xingfa Aluminium Co., Ltd


Factory's dimension: Guangdong Xingfa Aluminium has 4 factories and production is 600,000 tons per year


  • Technology: With the most modern technology, production equipment and testing equipment are imported from Germany, USA, Japan and Italy. The largest extruder is 6500 tons, meeting the needs of producing aluminum profile used in construction, aviation, military, shipbuilding, railway. Surface treatment system, there are two large scale painting machines in Asia are imported from Italy, the largest can handle is 7.45m.


  • Quality certificate: More information in


  • Guaranty: 10 years for color